Our Story

About the time that William Shakespear was sowing the seeds of his immortality; a wealthy businessman named William Tyler was taking steps to ensure his own name would be remembered by future generations. Tyler choose to endow a charity in Stratford upon Avon with the sum of £200 – in those days a small fortune – to provide for 12 poor people of the borough to pay for an annual sermon and dinner in his memory. After he died in 1665, his land including the site of The Villare Hotel was bought by a charity.

The charity holding the land was once used as a nursery garden even supplying plants to Queen Victoria. Mature apple and pear trees at the rear of the hotel car park point to its use as an orchard as well.

The Tyler charity trustees decided that building on the land would be a good way to increase revenues; in return for 200-year leases they insisted that tenants invest substantial sums in “houses of substance”.

One such building was the first Grosvenor hotel, the name emerging about 1967 when Mr Grosvenor Williams established a bed and breakfast at number 12 Warwick Road. By 1975, the original 16-bed property had been amalgamated and linked with the property next door at number 13 to create a 49 bedroom hotel. the final addition, number 14 Warwick Road was bought and linked after 1978.

Now known as The Villare Hotel Stratford Upon Avon, this historic building has been revitalised with a modern, luxury aesthetic that maintains the heritage and character embedded throughout.


Located on Warwick Road, in the heart of the cultural heritage location of Stratford Upon Avon, this hotel is the flagship property of The Villare Brand.

A beacon of modern luxury, The Villare Hotel strives to create the best guest experience by paying attention to every detail, no matter how small.

Beyond providing a perfect night’s stay, we also try to introduce our guests to new ways of appreciating the culture of our city and neighbourhood. We are very proud of our local area and are more than happy to share our insider knowledge of the best places to visit during your stay with us.

Some great ideas to get you started; taking a trip to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre or Holy Trinity Church, both a short distance from The Villare Hotel.

The Villare Hotel brings together unique concepts and creative collaborations that illuminate our passion for service. Stratford Upon Avon is the second hotel in the Villare brand and our most esteemed to date.

The Villare Hotel does not compromise on quality and stays true to the values that make our hotels the unique experience that our guests love. You won’t find a more passionate team that works to ensure every level of our service is the very best it can be.

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Complimentary Wine

All our Junior Suite guests receive a complimentary bottle of  wine in their rooms upon arrival.

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